313 Bourbon Maple Syrup



Now available at home! Inspired by our 313 Whiskey Room, where we offer approximately 200 varieties of whiskey, we are excited to offer our house-made 313 Bourbon Maple Syrup for you to enjoy at home. Made with real maple syrup and real Bourbon Whiskey, this delightful syrup was so highly praised during our Sunday Brunches, we decided to bottle and sell it. Every 16 ounce bottle of syrup is crafted in our kitchen with the finest of ingredients and bottled in beautiful swing-top capped glass bottles. It’s the perfect compliment to pancakes, waffles, bacon and much, much more. Available at The Yellowstone or order online. Non-Alcoholic.

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Pure Grade A Maple Syrup, Real Bourbon. Made in-house with our proprietary recipe sure to please and delight. 16 Ounce bottle. Non-alcoholic.

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Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in