Dine-In or Take Out


The Yellowstone Restaurant and Lounge is located at 230 W. Bonneville St. (corner of Bonneville & Main Downtown Pocatello)

Items and prices at The Yellowstone Restaurant are subject to change without notice and may not always be available. We strive to keep our menus up to date, but product availability fluctuates on a daily basis. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Choosing to spend your dollars at a locally owned and operated establishment holds significantly more impact and meaning than supporting chain restaurants. While we make every effort to keep food costs low, we face unprecedented challenges such as skyrocketing inflation, supply chain disruptions, gas surcharges, and more. We appreciate your kindness and patience as we navigate these difficult times together. Please know that your business is sincerely valued. Thank you for visiting our website.

Simply Brilliant

At The Yellowstone Restaurant, we take pride in offering a wide array of unique and flavorful dishes that are not commonly found in our region. Our talented Chef adds his personal touch of flair, creativity, and meticulous presentation to every dish that leaves our kitchen. We strongly believe in supporting our local economy, friends, and family, which is why we strive to source as much as possible from local farmers, ranchers, and purveyors. By doing so, we not only offer you the freshest ingredients but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our community.